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This is not your average clash of clans review, this one tells of its greatest feature; how it came to be and what it is. Clash of clans is a free mobile video game that is published as well as developed by Supercell. It all began back in the year of 2012 and is very popular on both androids and iPhones. It is a very beloved game by players of all ages; where you can create a village of your own, where you can train your own troops, where you can go to battle at with others and more. And I found out really interesting tool –


Anyone can contribute to this community, discover with others, share with others and even add your own knowledge to the world of Clash of Clans. Join the hundreds and hundreds of others that are playing today, just like me, and see what all the fun is really about.


What does School of Dragons entail?

What does School of Dragons entail?

School of dragons is a game that allows the player to act as a trainer in raising and training a dragon in a 3D universe. The player is in full command of the preferred dragon. With the dragon you are raising and training, you can fly through the space; explore the land, race against other competitors and even make more discoveries as you dive into a science filled world. Its 3D display makes the game the most amazing and going through the various steps as you win trophies for your dragons’ clan makes it more engaging.

The School of Dragons is designed to provide you with an interactive gameplay which through a few challenges here and there helps you improve your comprehensive and problem-solving skills. The game can help you to be a quick thinker when it comes to challenging and tricky situations simply because it puts you in an uncompromising situation that you should move on if you are to win more and more trophies for your clan. School of dragons is not only great fun when playing but it also allows you to make new discoveries in the world of science. It hence stands out as one of the most interactive and fun filled 3D games today and it will be the best recommendation for anyone looking for an online game to play. You might be interested in this

Where can you find School of Dragons?

School of dragons is found online on various registered game sites. You can choose to either play the game online or download it. If you prefer downloading the game, then you can do it over your ipad or android phone. Otherwise once you have access to the internet, playing School of Dragons can be so easy because all you need is to sign up with the site you’ve chosen, follow the instructions and rules of the game and you will be good to go.


Castle Clash hack


Castle clash hack

Dear reader, do you know the game called Castle Clash? If not in this post you will read about it and get familiar with it together with the hack tool I found out on the internet called castle clash hack and you find it here. So what is the Castle Clash hack tool good for? It can be used to generate resources for the game and it can be done all online, good enough not? In any standard game I would not like it, but in the game you need to pay for that, I find it reasonable not to get your bank account sucked. In any case I do not understand this game model at all, but what can we do if we want all for free ;) But remember nothing in this world is free and you or somebody else must pay it :)In next lines I will talk about the game itself, so you can decide if it is worth downloading it and having a look at it. Here is one video from gameplay for you:

So you saw the basic gameplay, but what it is really about? Do you like strategies and you do not seek any new ideas in it? Then you are at the right place :) This game is a standard strategy, that are with us for many years. You are building, gathering resources, making the army, defending and attacking enemies. Goal is simple: to rule and conquer. I would like to say that such games lack the new ideas, but if you are younger and never play strategy it is good enough for you and it is free to download. In any case this is good how the strategy genre is coming to the masses and masses know the strategy games, which will surely get to the point they will start to looking for the best strategies, maybe from the past too and start thinking in few years that they do not want to play the same game in other graphics and so on. And this will surely make the pressure to the developers to develop just quality and not quantity with the same game all over again. Clash here, clash there.


Castle clash screenshot, castle clash hack

But guys I step a bit from the topic, so here is conclusion: if you want to explore strategies this game is just for you. Don’t forget the Castle clash hack I wrote about. If you know the strategies and this is something like you played before and you want more and to advance, then look for the more complex and better strategies and avoid this game. Short list for the older strategies for you: Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns, Transport tycoon, Stracraft (first one), Red Alert. This is the right for you! Some of them are also available for the android or ios. Let me know what you think about this game in comments or send me email. Thank you for reading this post and see you next time!

Castle clash main theme


Are older games better than the new ones?

In the past few years I am hearing just one sentence over and over again. The older games are better than the new ones. And the new ones are the trash without idea and without innovation. Is it really true? This is how I feel it and you can post your comments in the end of this post to see what you think.


Well, let’s be honest and do not lie to ourselves. Gaming industry is full of copying and taking other’s mechanisms and ideas and pretend to be yours. It is nothing else than evolving and innovating in the matter of copying. So yes, this should be not the base of the game industry, but let’s face the truth – it is. In the other hand it does not mean that it is bad. A good inspiration can’t be bad at all and the total copy of any game is not a good idea not even in this industry. And everything is evolution – without doom it will not be Call of Duty and without Call of Duty it will not be (it will reveal us the future).


But to the matter of this post. Do you guys really believe that the total innovation and invention is what you want? Or how many of the believers of the golden age of gaming want to install and play the old games (I do play them and will mention them later on). Not many, as my friends that they are not able to play anything older, and they just play the new games. Why do you think that mobile games world is full of the remakes of the old games in new nice coat? Because nobody wants to play it in old graphics. Well, I installed yesterday Theme hospital on iMac with resolution 2560 x 1440 px and believe me it was shock. But games like System Shock 2 or the Half life 2 were not that bad and I am happy that I can play them again.


So what is behind this sentence: older games are better than the new ones? Simply nostalgia. Even my grandparents used to say that these winters are not like that from their youth. And that exactly is – for you golden age might be end of 80s, for me later 90s or for Tim 2000s. This is just matter of when you started to play games and matter of the age.

So guys, do not blame new games, do not say they are not original. Pick the ones that are and do not play the ones that are not! And play old games and support sequels from the good old games, but just do not expect the same game! See you guys later on the other post and comment and tell me what you think.

And the games I still play as I promised: fallout series, system shock 2, transport tycoon deluxe, half life series and many many more, but I still play a new games including the mobile games! Are you interested where I get them legally? Mostly on Or want to know more? Just send me email or comment. The best ones I will prepare for you as a posts!